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Zhao x Azula

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first sign of life [Apr. 7th, 2009|04:38 am]
Zhao x Azula


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to finally contribute something to the community of this lovely ship, here's chapter one of the fanfic I'm currently writing on ff.net^^ Enjoy ;) !!

Title: My Princess, my Love
Rating: PG (yet ;) )
Pairing: Zhao/Azula obviously
Summary:  One nightly visit leads to another as innocence slowly disappears and feelings grow

"You´ve been watching me.."
Zhao immediately awoke from his sleep, the voice not louder than a whisper but still it was enough to be alarming.
Sweat glistened on his forehead and on his bare chest as his eyes were searching the dark room for an intruder.
Sure, it could have been just a dream fragment echoing in his ear or the wind passing by his place, but Admiral Zhao was a man who wanted things to be a 100% sure.
And as it turned out, his caution was rewarded.
There was indeed someone in his bedroom, hiding in the corner to the left, right next to the open window.
"You´ve been watching me, all day long while I practiced...haven´t you, my dear Admiral?"
No one else but the Princess herself stepped out of the hiding spot, into a stream of moonlight, which left half of her face completely in the dark, while the other half exposed a mocking grin playing on her lips.
It would have been the understatement of the century for Zhao to say that he was dumbfounded.
He cleared his throat in uncertainty, then he finally found his voice again.
"Princess Azula !" He quickly bowed under her bemused look.
"But why-"
"Cut the hair in your ears, you fool, I´ve told you already."
A catlike grin danced on her mouth, she was obviously happy to have found another victim to use her power and position on in order to amuse herself.
"Excuse me ?" Slight irritation was ringing in his voice, she might be the princess, but still nobody - especially not a kid, who wasn´t even a woman yet - talked to him like that and went away without at least a few cuts and burn marks.
"Like I said.." She started to randomly pace through his small bedroom, almost circling him like a cat of prey.
"I couldn´t help but notice that someone´s eyes never left my body.."
What in the Firelord´s name was this kid talking about ?! It wasn´t as if he hadn´t a life of his own-..wait.
The realization hit him and turned the courners of his mouth into a small uprigth curve.
Now he knew where she was getting at; after all he wasn´t the first one to experience this strange situation.
He had heard the talking among his men, how the Princess would suddenly appear to them one by one and accuse them of anything that came right to her mind just to have the chance to challenge them to an Agni Kai, a fire duel.
And now it was apparently the night, that it was his turn to loose against this little girl.
Or so she thinks..
If Zhao was honest with himself he had been waiting for this to happen, ever since the day that he first heard about this awkward rumor.
He couldn´t wait to finally beat some modesty into this kid.
"..but..under certain circumstances I would forget about this little incident.." He heard her saying almost seductively and so he forced himself to focus on the present again.
"And what would these certain circumstances be, my dear Princess ?"
He semi-sneered at her, his spirits getting higher and higher in anticipation of this small fight.
"Oh, something I know you´ll love to accept.." He could her the struggle in her voice as she tried to calm herself at the sight of his sudden change of mood; it was like she could sense the upcoming trouble.
"In exchange for my silence I am not asking for much, Admiral, just a teensy weensy Agni Kai..that´s all." For the last part of the sentence she smiled her most innocent smile.
The hardness and mockery instantly returned to her face again as she lowered herself a little bit into a fighting position and said "So you better get ready !"
Then she attacked.
Her hands lit up into blue torches and shot forward to on one hand protect her face but also on the other to be able to attack quicker.
Zhao wasn´t surprised by her suddenly lunging forward, he had expected it.
Her starting a fight after announcing it five seconds earlier was a natural thing, it was a part of her well-known temper.
Azula wasn´t surprised by the speed he blocked her attack with, he was a battle worn Admiral after all and still a good fighter despite his age.
However, what did surprise her was to all of a sudden find her wrists locked in the grip of his hands.
She hadn´t predicted this outcome and so her first reaction was to kick, fight, struggle and do whatever it took to get out this iron lock.
Yet in frustration she had to confess that it seemed to be an impossible thing.
Zhao saw her unsuccessful attempts; his grip on her hands tightened even more, so grew the grin on his face.
"Having problems, my Princess ?" His mocking voice asked her low.
From her position of a few heads shorter than him, she looked up, small panic slowly rising up; she was about to lose, something she certainly wasn´t willing to.
But when she could feel the wall pressing against her back more panic filled her mind
- this wasn´t about winning or losing, this wasn´t about fighting at all anymore.
Her panic mixed with anger, anger that she was unable to attack, unable to be the Azula everyone was used to. Even her thoughts were forsaking her, leaving her with no witty remark to fire back.
Now, she was more or less totally helpless and she hated every second of it.
Because at moments like this the old Azula, her - how she considered it - younger, weaker, emotional, still hopeful self gained the control.
And herself´s first deed was to be frightened and close her eyes shut unable to see the next events.
At this sight Zhao raised one of his eyebrows.
Curious he brought his face nearer to Azula´s so that his breath brushed over her skin, causing her to shiver as he said the following :
"What´s the matter ? Why so frightened ?"
The curiosity in his question was real. After all there was what so ever no intention in his mind that involved doing something to her that would have severe consequences for them both. All he wanted to do was to humiliate her a little bit, show her who´s the boss and who is worthy to be respected.
"Please...please don´t hurt me.." Azula whimpered so very unlike herself.
"Princess, princess, princess...now tell me, why should I hurt you ?"
Carefully she reopened her eyes and looked him straight into the face.
She wasn´t afraid of him doing something, no, she was afraid of his mere presence, of him being so close to her.
"You have never been kissed before, haven´t you ?" The question just had formed on his tongue without him really thinking about it. Immediately he regretted it and scolded himself for acting on autopilot.
To his surprise she actually responded to this very personal question by shaking her head, still looking at him with fearful eyes.
"Well then..." He said, breathing in her scent and closing the remaining distance, noticing on the verge of his mind that he was on autopilot again.
"Congratulations." He breathed one last time, before pressing his lips on Azula´s.
Her eyes went wide open with shock and instantly the mental command was send to her arms to use this moment to resist the grip and break free again.
The order made it to the arms, yet they didn´t obey and before she could send a second command after the first or think of another way to use this for escaping a strange warm feeling flooded her whole system, mind included, making it difficult to think.
It made her feel oddly dizzy and in a reflex her eyes went shut.
Now that parts of her senses were shut down, other things pushed themselves into spotlight, such as the new sensation she felt on her lips.
Zhao's kiss was surprisingly gentle - as far as she could judge it with her non existing experience - for a man that looked so stern and brutal.
One part of her mind wondered if and how she could return the kiss, another mused why she was wondering that in the first place and yet another part was just wondering what in Agni´s name was going on.
Before she could bring herself down to decide what to do next she felt the grip around her hands loosening. His hands still around her wrists he guided her to rest on his bare shoulders where he left her hands to stay on their own, finally freeing his hands again.
In rejoice over their renewed freedom Zhao´s rough hands went off to entwine Azula´s body to bring them both even closer together.
Strangely enough she found herself not minding anything he did at all; quite on the contrary, she started enjoying the feeling that blossomed inside of her just because he was close.
After what felt like an hour for Azula of lingering in his kiss they broke apart.
It looked like Zhao was awakening out of a trance and realised just now what he had done and with whom.
Turning white with shock he threw himself on his knees on the floor to beg for forgiveness for his behavior.
"Princess, I can´t tell you how sorry I am ! It just happ-"
"And it better be happening again, when I come back tomorrow night.."
He heard her clear voice interrrupt him.
In surprise he looked up.
Her statement had been more of a command, like the spoiled princess she was; yet when he looked into her face and saw as a contrast to her voice the mild red on her cheeks, the approving look in her eyes and her smiling mouth that was ready to giggle in embarrassment any minute, he saw a different side of her, a vulnerable, more hidden one.
"Say that again, my Princess ?" He asked, just to make sure he hadn´t understood her wrong.
But she just left, laughing, like it was all just a game - which it kind of was in the end for her.